Wednesday, December 3, 2008

HarperStudio: Today's Publisher, Today's Challenges

Trade book publishers are under pressure from all sides: soaring author advances, heavy returns, demand for digital formats. What must publishers do to survive? HarperStudio's President Robert Miller lays out new strategies for a new age. This is an audio file of Miller's complete 45-minute presentation from the '08 Stanford Professional Publishing Course. Introduced by Alan Rinzler, Executive Editor of Jossey Bass/Wiley. (45:26 minutes). To listen, click the left arrow on the audio bar at left. To download via iTunes, click on the green iTunes button at right.


Harper Studio: New Approaches to Marketing Books

Bob Miller, President of HarperCollins' new Harper Studio imprint, describes his plans to use new digital tools to market books. Click once to play movie (3:07). Flash version